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"Undoubtedly the best products for the health of the skin and coat of the Pomeranian. My dogs always use the intensive repair line and they have a much softer coat. The elixir is the jewel of the products - just a few drops in the mask and the result is amazing!"

Gemma Lopez



"My dog "Chloe" was diagnosed 1 year ago with alopecia X but, thanks to the intensive and specialized treatment with Pomeranian Beauty products, the improvement has been so evident that I now doubt the clinical eye of the vet who examined her.

Victoria Manso



"I have 2 pomeranian puppies and since they are very small I always take them to Pets & Poms, as it is a reference in dog grooming for this breed."

Carmen Pilar Nieto

Before and


Caring for your Pomeranian's coat

Years dedicated to the Pomeranian

More than 15 years dedicated to the breeding and care of Pomeranians make Pomeranian Beauty much more than a simple brand of animal cosmetics.

Pomeranian World Champions

The experience acquired with 2 world champion Pomeranias plus the research in our specialized dog grooming salon has allowed us to achieve a cosmetic line at the level of demand of the competition world.

Your Pomeranian is unique

Because every Pomeranian is unique, just like its coat, it deserves to be treated with products designed specifically for the breed.


Pomeranian Beaty

Canine High Cosmetics

We revolutionized the world of conventional canine cosmetics, creating a line of high quality cosmetics formulated specifically for Pomeranians. Free of toxics (Sulfates, salt, silicone, and parabens) Give your Pomeranian the opportunity to try our line and see for yourself what a properly treated skin can do with his coat. Beauty starts from the inside, take care of your Pomeranian's skin by switching to "Toxic Free". We created Pomeranian Beauty to treat specific needs according to hair type. Because not all Pomeranians are the same, it is important to give your skin and coat what it needs at all times. As experts in dermocosmetics we have created a high quality line. By carefully choosing each ingredient of our products, focusing on what we want to achieve, combining them in such a way that the results are spectacular!

All About

The race

Learn to know your Pomeranian better.

The Pomeranian is descended from the Spitz, the official name of the breed is the German Spitz, and within the breed there are five sizes or varieties, among which is the dwarf German Spitz (zwergspitz) or Pomeranian which is the smallest of all varieties. The breed owes its name to a region between Germany and Poland called Pomerania. In ancient times the size of the Pomeranian was much larger and they were used as sled dogs and cattle herding dogs. Although it is a German breed, it is said to have been popularized by the British Royal family in the 18th century.

Proven Dermatology

Our products are dermatologically tested.


Formulated exclusively for Pomeranias

Cruelty Free

Not Tested on Animals

Sulfate and Paraben free

Free of Sulfates and Parabens

Puppy insurance

Safe for Baby Skin



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    Give your Pomeranian the care it deserves, with Pomeranian Beauty you will discover that behind the beauty there is a healthy skin.

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